Walk 1

Walks from Saetr Garden Cottage doorstep

To the end of the lane and back – the only walk from Harrop Fold where normal footwear applies!

Daily dog walk or a march out to the end of the lane and back, past Harrop Chapel and through Harrop Gate, returning from the end of the road where the Landing Lane sign meets the main road.  Approx 1 1/2 miles.



Can be extended by turning left onto the main road (Smalden Lane) at the end of the lane and walk along to Lane Ends, where you’ll see the phone box in the middle of an island.  Retrace your steps back to Saetr Garden Cottage.  This extends the walk to over 2 miles there and back.

Easy stroll.  Road walk.  No special footwear required.

Landing Lane

Where Landing Lane meets the main road (Smalden Lane). Retrace your steps or keep walking to Lane Ends and then return.