Our Standards

Our cleaning and sanitising procedure before guests arrival

We ventilate rooms before cleaning.  Allow fresh air to circulate for at least 20 minutes. If possible, leave all windows open during the entire cleaning process.

We wash our hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning.

We use soap and water, and scrub for at least 20 seconds. If that’s not possible, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

We wear disposable gloves while we clean.  Gloves are thrown out after each cleaning.

We dishwash all crockery and cutlery items.

We machine-wash cleaning supplies at the highest heat setting appropriate for the material.

We clean, then disinfect.

We focus on frequently touched surfaces.

Light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, and faucet handles.

Sofas, rugs, drapes, and other soft, porous surfaces.

We wash all linens at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer, bed sheets, mattress & pillows protectors, hand, bath & tea towels, kitchen towels, and blankets. Wear gloves when handling dirty laundry.

Fresh laundry bags X 3 (bed linen, towels & protectors) – for guests to place linen at the end of their stay.

We disinfect the vacuum cleaner & steam cleaner, along with other cleaning appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine.

We’ll remember to check the expiration dates on supplies.


Check bulbs in side lights

Check storage heater temperature

Hairdryer in basket in wardrobe

Check wardrobe is empty

Check fire extinguisher is in wardrobe


Replace cushion on bed

Velux window remote in place

Dust window bottom & side tables


Empty waste bin/re-line

Bath mat/Toilet mat

Soaps in glass dish

Replace toilet roll x 3

Check liquid soaps/bubbles are full

Towels: 2 hand, 2 medium & 2 bath

Shower wiper & bathroom cleaner

Check loo brush

Check bathroom cabinet is empty of personal items Steam mop floor


Remove chair cushions & vacuum

Replace cushions

Check & clean bar stools

Vacuum & steam mop under hearthrug

Vacuum footstool

Polish coffee table

Dust window bottom

Remove old newspapers & empty bin/re-line

Check for TV remote control

Clean fire & re-stock logs underneath

Check for starter kindling & firelighters

Vacuum & mop floor

Check emergency key is in place

Check fire blanket & extinguishers in place


Check/clean oven & line with clean foil

Check/clean microwave roof/plate

Check toaster& empty crumbs & check under unit for toaster grease

Check fridge is empty, refill ice tray

Check dishwasher empty/replace dishwasher tabs

Check china for chips/cracks/stains (4)

Check cutlery (4)

Clean worktops & sink

Replace tea towels/dish cloth/scrubber Check washing up liquid & kitchen cleaner

Check tea bags/coffee/sugar

Kitchen roll

Stairs & General:

Check for cobwebs

Check all lightbulbs

Sanitise vacuum & steam mop between use



Shake & vacuum door mat

Empty & clean boot tray

Check wooden shoe store & dust/vacuum

Check planters etc for water/dead heading

Clean door windows x 2

Clean windows x 2

Check chairs & cushions

Sweep patio & under veranda

Check for dog poo

Check general area

Relax & enjoy your stay! – it’s all taken care of